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Your privacy is important to us. As a member of you may change your privacy settings at any time.
It is entirely up to you what information you want to share from your profile. Please note that other users of Pro Mates may want to store and share the information they have found on your profile.

However, does not share your information with anyone, unless we have your consent, or that you yourself have permitted certain information about you to be shared with others.
As an example, in your privacy settings you might have allowed your friends to se who your other friends are. One of your friends may use your list to post something on your friends wall and in order to do so use the information of your list of friends.
Anonymized information, however, about you and others may at any time be used by ProMates for statistics, error findings, management purposes or the like.

Information about your name, profile, cover picture, sex, user name and ID are always made public.

You may at any time delete your account on ProMates. Should you do so, your profile will disappear from our network, and the account will be de-activated, so that your profile is no longer available to others.
We will not delete anything from your blogs, articles, treads or in any other way, as such information are not stored on your account.
If you delete your account you can no longer re-enter with your former e-mail. does not store any cookies on your computer that, on its own, would allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission.

Protecting the privacy of the young is especially important. For that reason we never collect or maintain information at out website from those we actually know are under 13.