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Protools and other great DAWs

DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is software that is used for mixing and editing digital audio. Protools are currently the marketleader. The incredible amount of options that it offers makes this software the preferred choice of people working in the audio industry.

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Protools 9

Protools is among the market leader when it comes to Digital Audio Workstations. The software has a great interface which allows its users to utilize the options and features it offers without encountering any trouble whatsoever. The Protools 9 which was made available to the users in the year 2010 is amongst the best versions of the software to have been produced by Avid Technology, the manufacturers of the software. This version provides new and exciting audio processing features to the users. Among these features advanced beat detection, delay compensation and improved synchronization are the most notable. It is the presence of these tools that have made it one of the best Home Studio recording software.

Protools 10

The Protools 10 is the newest version of Protools which has even more features and tools available for the audio editors than its previous versions. Clip-based gain is one of the most striking new features that have been added in this new version of the software. It offers the people working in the post-production departments the chance to copy, cut and paste clips from one file to another. Real time fades, universal exports, improvements made to the AudioSuite and support for mixed audio formats are some of the other features that have made this Audio Editor a real hit with the users.


Besides Protools, there are a number of DAWs available in the market, which offer the users other exciting audio mixing and editing tools. Among them the most notable one by far is Pyramix. It is one of the best DAWs available to the music industry people that are capable of providing DSD support for audio codecs. Pyramix has now been fitted with the all new MassCore technology, an extremely powerful engine that provides real-time audio processing. Another feature of this software is that it allows the users to make use of all the Wave plug-ins as well. In addition to this, audio mastering can also be performed through the use of this software. The software is capable of recording as many as 96 channels at 192 kHz, a feat that cannot be matched by any other digital audio workstation. The inclusion of this new technology has made Pyramix one of the most resourceful and capable DAW that are currently available in the market.


Cubase is an alternative DAW for Protools. This software is incredibly feature filled and has all the tools that a music editor would want to have in a digital audio workstation. The best thing about Cubase is that it combines the functionality of MIDI software with tools that are generally associated with software dedicated for music production. Cubase is considered by many professionals working in the music industry to be the best MIDI sequencer available in the market at the present moment. Other features that are included in this software that have made it very popular among the uses are loop browser, new MIDI loop format, consolidated MIDI automation and MIDI monitoring. Cubase is often called a multitrack DAW as well because of the multitrack audio editing features that it provides.


Nuendo is a music editing and recording software developed by the same company that manufactured Cubase, Steinberg. Nuendo basically caters for the needs of the post production department and all of its features are designed primarily for live sound post production recording. However, Nuendo MIDI sequencer option present in this software allows for MIDI sequencing as well.

Cakewalk Pro Audio

Cakewalk is a MIDI sequencing software similar in function to Cubase. The earlier versions of this software were not capable of providing support for digital audio processing. However, the introduction of the Cakewalk Pro Audio opened the doors for processing of digital sound in addition to the sequencing features that were offered by the earlier versions. The best thing about Cakewalk Pro Audio is that it is very simple to install and use. Even novices that do not have a great deal of experience in using a DAW will find it extremely easy to use the tools and features of this software.

Logic Pro

Logic DAW is Apple’s creation that is particularly useful for Mac users. The latest version of this software which is named the Logic Pro 9 provides a wealth of plug-ins to the users and a huge library of audio content that can be used when producing music. Logic Pro is the best sound editing software available to the Mac users. Logic Pro X is another version of this software that has been making a lot of headlines in the music industry. The excellent interface and streamlining of the tools is among the features that have made Logic Pro X the best DAW for Mac users.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a great digital audio workstation that has been designed primarily for live performances. All of the features of this software have been developed for the purpose of facilitating musicians when they are performing live on the stage. There are other features included in this software as well that help in mastering and mixing as well. Ableton Live is one of the few DAWs that is a perfect DJ Mixer as well and is preferred for use by DJs as well.


Audacity is a free sound recorder and editing software that allows the users to perform a number of processing operations on the recorded audio that are associated with the high end digital audio workstations. The best feature by far of this incredible software is that it allows you to remove background noises like hums, hisses and static that is often encountered when recording sounds. Another of the qualities of this software is that it provides VST plug-ins to the users as well.

Power Sound Editor

When it comes to sound editing, there is no better choice than Power Sound Editor. This amazing software offers a number of features and tools for recording and editing audio data to the users. Moreover, this sound editing software also provides the users the chance to add a number of additional effects to their recorder sound as well. Among these effects, the most popular ones are reverb, echo and chorus. In addition to these effects, Power Sound Editor also allows its users to burn their recorder music on CDs too. The best thing about Power Sound Editor is that it is available for free.


Ardour is another free DAW that is very popular among the music composers. Ardour is one of the best alternatives for Protools that offers a number of the features and tools that are present in this software. Among its most notable featuresare multichannel recording, provision of unlimited plug-ins, full automation support, non-destructive editing and timecode synchronization. Ardour is also known for being the best free recording software available in the market at the present moment in time. It is because of the presence of these excellent tools and features that Ardour is considered by many music experts to be the perfect foil for expensive digital audio workstations like Pyramix and Nuendo.

WavePad Sound Editor

WavePad Sound Editor is a great audio music editor that is available for free. It allows the users to edit sounds and music files and at the same time provides numerous additional features like echo and noise reduction too. Even though WavePad Sound Editor is basically designed for editing files belonging to the wav or MP3 format, it can be used for editing music files in several other formats as well.
All of the above DAWs are excellent for recording, editing and composing music. Even though Protools 9 and 10 are definitely the gold standard when it comes to selecting a DAW, many of the abovementioned software like Pyramix, Cubase, Cakewalk and Logic Pro are also quite handy and offer a number of additional features and tools to the users that are not available in any version of the notorious Protools software. Page has been viewed 2 times..