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Here you will find articles, blogs and forum threads written by Pro Audio experts. As a registered user you may write comments and questions directly to the experts, and you will have the option of discussing the content and share photographs and music with your friends.

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On our Pro Audio pages our experts deal with anything conceivable within analogue and digital sound. Both Forum, Articles and Blogs are divided in categories as listed below.

Protools and other great DAW's

Beside Protools you will also find content about the other major DAW systems. So looking for the best DAW for a specific purpose is a perfect site for finding information. As you may be aware most DAWs are only able to record by 192 khz at the most, so if you must record DSD or DXD you will quickly realise your need for a Merging Pyramix DAW. Please see our HD Music Store for more information about HD Audio.
Furthermore, looking for the most suitable plugin you will find information about ProTools plugins, VST plugins and other plugins.

Microphones and Preamps

Under microphones and preamps you will find peoples opinion on a microphone, look up descriptions of the various types of microphones with and without phantom power, as well as finding descriptions on various preamplifiers.

AD/DA Converters

This category deals with AD/DA converters. Both converters limited at 192 khz, and converters up to DSD and DXD level. Needing a new DAC, you may also find information about this, as well as converters with preamplifiers.

Studio Monitors and Subwoofers

In this category you will find discussions about loudspeakers, subwoofers and both digital and audio amplifiers.

Mixers and Multimedia Audio Controllers

Looking for a multimedia audio controller or a mixing console you should look in this category.

DJ Mixers and Turntables

We have chosen to include DJ mixers and turntables in our pro audio community. Here you will find descriptions of both dj software and dj mixers and controllers.

Live Sound

Live sound deals with pa systems, power amplifiers, speakers and other live audio equipment.

Post Production

Here you will find information both on pre production and post production as well as discussions about sound effect, dubbing, and other material in connection with post production.


Here you will find anything about recording, sound studios, music studios, and related discussions.


Mastering is a chapter of its own. Besides dealing with the mastering process as such this chapter is also intended for the gear used for mastering and high end audio.

Studio Building and Acoustics

This part is about Recording Studio Designs and Room Acoustics.

Other Pro Audio Topics

You may find almost anything else about Pro Audio in this category, for instance discussions about broadcast equipment, system integrations etc. Page has been viewed 13 times..