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Connect with leading experts in various fields, and write comments to their articles, blogs and forum threads.
ProMates is a social network where you will find articles, blogs and forum treads written by experts within various topics. If you are a registered user of ProMates you will have the opportunity of communicating directly with the experts and other users, either by writing comments or asking questions in the blogs and forum treads, or by asking for friendships, which will allow the experts to communicate directly with your friends.

If you find an article, a blog or a forum tread that you want to share with your friends outside of ProMates you may send them an e-mail with a link to the page in question directly from ProMates.Com.

We have chosen to allow external links, so that you may link your contributions on ProMates to your own or other websites. As this may open for misuse we shall define spam as follows: “Contributions without relevance to the category in question, or where the purpose of the contribution seems to be to obtain one or more external links.” You should not have too many external links in your entries.

We apply 0 tolerances against spam, adult content and poor behaviour. If spam, adult content or poor behaviour is reported by a user, the article, blog or forum post will be checked. If we find the complaint justified but not serious the author may be notified of a “poke” which will be registered. In a clear case of spam, adult content or misbehaviour or if the author already has a “poke” he will be excluded from ProMates without any possibility of a later re-entrance.

We would welcome any user to log on to our site with his login and send the text found on our site to his , and his friends´ face book wall. Already now he has the possibility of sharing material found on our site with friends through e-mail generated from our site.